Arcangelo Ambrosi




Crafting artful smoking pipes with classic aesthetics and a touch of surrealism.

Arcangelo Ambrosi Studio is based in Puglia, Southern Italy. In this land of history and inspiration, I work as professional pipemaker and wood carver. Devoting my entire life to wood art, I study and rework the Smoking Pipe to give it a new artistic identity.

The Veiled pipe, a sculptural smoking pipe handmade in briar wood by arcangelo ambrosi. Black and white photo.

Unconventional Smoking pipes

My mission is to create high grade pipes that can have a distinctive character, sometimes looking unconventional. Meticulously hand carved, my designs range from the bizarre to the surreal, from the animal to modern world.

I rediscover and rework forgotten churchwarden from the past or I take inspiration from smoking pipes from movies, books and history.

Uniqueness and quality

Each pipe is hand carved individually, one at a time, to ensure a high level of care, attention to detail and finish. Some models exceed 100 hours of work. This results in a very limited annual production of works.
Smoking Pipes conceived in this way deserve the finest woods and materials, which I personally select. Briar from the best Italian sawmills (Mimmo, Manno), the fascinating Morta (bog oak wood), and Apulian olive wood that I personally cut from pruning waste.

Smoking performance

Aesthetic and functionality have the same importance. This is why my pipes have a strong focus on their construction and engineering.
I put extreme attention into their smoking performance and sensory dimensions. 

Arcangelo ambrosi carving a sculptural dragon pipe


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