Out-of-the-ordinary smoking pipes with high level craftsmanship

Handmade in Italy by Arcangelo Ambrosi


This is knot a pipe, out-of-the-ordinary artistic tobacco pipe, hand carved by arcangelo ambrosi


This is kNot a pipe: my mission is to offer out-of-the-ordinary smoking pipes with high level craftsmanship: I propose pipe models that you probably won’t find elsewhere. From my original designs, sculptural carved pipes focused on a concept, to pieces from history, book and movies. 


Infusing art into pipes. As a wood sculptor and devoted to art, I study and rework the tobacco Pipe to give it a new artistic identity, with extreme attention to its smoking performance and its sensory dimensions.


My goal is to create unusual, unconventional pipes that maintain high levels of care, attention to detail, construction and finishes. I select the finest materials, to create something that can stand out and make you stand out.


Focused on uniqueness and quality instead of quantity. Each piece is created with passion, maximum dedication, often with a challenging technical work, and I invest a lot of time in research, to continuously offer new proposals. and I study continuously to evolve in technique and hone my skills.


Concern to communication with the customer. My priority is respect and transparency. I communicate quickly and in detail with those who contact me, I respond personally and I am totally available for after-sales assistance.


I work and create in Southern Italy, a land of inspiration and history.


My life is dedicated to creating. This is my path, and I am totally and exclusively focused on it.

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