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Wood Artworks by Arcangelo Ambrosi



Arcangelo Ambrosi



Arcangelo Ambrosi

How to commission me
a pipe

Step 1 – mail

Contact me by email to commission me a pipe. This should be a new idea. Consider a more or less long waiting period for the realization of the pipe.

Step 2 – Deposit and drafts

An order on commission is confirmed with the payment of a deposit. Than the order is placed on my list and scheduled. Some orders may include the creation of preparatory sketches and a research study, consider that this too has a cost.

Step 3 – Showing the result and final payment

When the pipe is complete, I show the photos of the finished work to the customer; At this point you will complete the payment.

Step 4 – Shipping

After receiving the final balance, I ship the order in a short time. The reference courier is UPS express, which often guarantees delivery times all over the world in a short time (even 3-5 days).

Pipes’ map

A map to see where pipes go after leaving my studio.