Gimli’s pipe

From my Lord of the Rings pipe series, this model is inspired by the one utilized by the proud Gimli.

Standard version: Briar bowl smooth, wooden stem made of maple wood (or cherry wood, or durmast oak wood, or other woods) detachable from the bowl, acrylic amber mouthpiece tip (fixed), brass decorative button handmade, abalone dots.

Sandblasted version: Same features of the standard version, but with sandblasted bowl and stem.

Faded blast: Partially sandblasted towards the rim, with matte finish and worn, antique appearance.

Olive wood version: Bowl and stem made of beautiful apulian olive wood (veins can vary a lot due to the nature of the wood), brass decorative button handmade, acrylic mouthpiece tip (fixed). The stem is detachable from the bowl.