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I explore wood in its multiple “dimensions”, through the pleasure of the technique and of the search for ideas, which proceeds, in my job, as a sort of discovery game. Wood, alive and natural, appears in different forms, sometimes unexpectedly.

The pipe, “eminent expression of the kingdom of lifeless things”, as Dino Buzzati wrote, is the favourite protagonist of my research work, and my particular interest is tied not only to its being a functional object, or rather an experience object, but also to its incredible variety of characteristics,
such as preciousness, ritual, tactile and aesthetic dimensions. My purpose is, of course, to achieve the high standards a refined pipe should comply with, but also to transform its identity through sculpture, with bizarre and surreal experiments.
While staying rigorously “smokable”, the pipe is twisted, something happens to it. Something mysterious: it can be concealed by a fluctuating voile, or turn into an animal, it can change its consistency, or twirl into a knot.

I alternate between study of the pipe and sculptural works, to convey different wooden essences, further expression freedoms, and plays of metamorphosis, in which I try to make the envisaged subject talk to the wood. This is not only a medium to give shape to ideas, or a blank canvas: this is nature longing to come out. Branches, knots, roots, grains often become fundamental elements in the figure, as disruptiveanatomical parts.
My predilection for manual carving tools helps me analyse material and shape in depth in order to relish the creation process and, at the same time, to attain precision and harmony.

To me, my job is a slow-paced game in which, with surprise and wonder, idea and matter blend every time into something new.

I’m proud to be part of the Italiano Plurale artist collective that promotes the most sophisticated Italian handmade art. 

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I was born in Bari in 1988, I work and live in Bitonto, a city in Puglia, Italy.
I approached art and creativity as a child, having grown up in a family of artists, and I have always been self-taught. I began to become familiar with wood at the age of 18, building electric guitars and basses in my free time.
I obtained a scientific high school diploma and then a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Software Production Technologies.
At the end of my studies I decided to devote time to my passions and I started creating sculptural objects and pipes. Towards the latter I developed a particular interest and began to create and sell my personal lines of pipes.
In 2015 I registered as a sole proprietorship and started working full-time with wood.
I participated in several group exhibitions in Puglia, and in 2018 I was invited as a guest artist to “Fantastika” (Dozza, Bologna), biennial of fantasy art.
In 2019 I wrote an article on the creation of a sculptural pipe, for the Italian wood magazine “LegnoLab”.
In 2020 I joined “Italiano Plurale”, collective of artists selected by the curator Waldemar Kerschbaumer for the quality and originality of the works. My first exhibition with the collective is the “Grassimesse” 2021, annual event of applied art and design, held at the Grassi museum in Leipzig.


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Some of my pipes exhibited at the Grassi museum in Leipzig. (2021)
Some of my pipes exhibited at the Grassi museum in Leipzig. (2021)