Arcangelo Ambrosi at work

Each pipe is unique.
Each pipe is a part of me and a possibility of expression.
Each pipe contains several hours of work, concentration, passion.
Each pipe is a challenge to myself and a play of shapes.
There is no limit to the imagination.

I work with passion every pipe, trying to get the best possible result.
I always strive for the highest level possible.
Constant dedication, patience, hard work.

Since the pipe accompanies its owner in moments of meditation and quiet, it should give the pleasure of the tactile and aesthetic dimensions of the wood, and the best smoking experience.


I was born in 1988 and I’m from Bitonto (Puglia, Italy).
When I was a child I used to play with wood. My grandfather owned several tools and I had the chance to see them use, and to use them.
The first more “serious” approach with the wood was at the age of 18: I wanted to build an electric guitar. I made some guitars and basses since then.
My course of study was scientific, and I graduated in Computer Science.
From 2013 I started to dedicate myself full time to the wood working, my true and greatest passion, creating artistic objects such as sculptures, reproductions of medieval objects… but mostly pipes.
The pipe is an object that I’ve always loved and I’ve found it to be a wonderful means of expression.
In 2015 I’ve started a collaboration with the illustrator Bianca Roselli, that has given birth to the project of sculptures of wood and light.


fish pipe drawing