Arcangelo Ambrosi, sculptor and pipemaker

The pipe is for me a possibility of expression.
For its owner it is a companion in moments of quiet and meditation. An object of beauty.

I do my best to create pipes that could give the pleasure of tactile and aesthetic dimensions of the wood, and the best smoking experience.

I love to fill my smoking pipes with imagination and creativity, varying between simple and elegant lines and complex and figurative forms.


Born in 1988, living and working in Bitonto (Puglia, Italy).
Experience in electric instrument making (from 2005).
Graduation in Computer science (2012).
Pipemaking (from 2013).
Wood and light sculpture and design project, collaboration with Bianca Roselli (from 2015). 
Exhibition at “Fantastika”, biennal of fantasy art (Dozza, Italy, 2018).
Publication of an article for the italian magazine “Legnolab” (2019).


frog pipe drawings