Sculptures, props and other works.

Sculpted art in many forms. I accept commissioned work of this kind.

Dragon sculpture

Traditionally carved sculpture (80 x 30 x 24 cm), made of limewood, finished with bitumen and wax.
It is a mix of dragons from different inspirations (maybe romanesque/gothic/oriental) but I wanted to give it a bizzarre look. Very challenging work, the most difficult part was the mouth.



Created for the talented Vinterblot band between January and February 2017, this two meter high stick is certainly one of the most interesting commission work I have made.
Since the first meeting at the bar with band musicians, and the first sketches of the raven, the work process proved to be intriguing, exciting and full of challenges. Raven’s eyes emit red light, and the stick is detachable in 4 parts (to facilitate transport).
Constructed in hand-carved maple wood, in a traditional way, with gouges and chisels.
Exhibited for the first time in Oslo, at the Inferno Metal Festival 2017.