Project description

Known for being the people with the greatest craftsman abilities of Middle Earth, dwarves have a big experience about smoking.
Drawing inspiration from “The Hobbit” by Peter Jackson, I’ve reproduced in this case the pipe utilized by Thorin Oakshield, prince of Erebor. This model, built by hand and meticulously finished with gouges and chisels in order to obtain the characteristic woodcuts, presents elaborate geometrical combinations, expression of the artistic gifts of this proud folks.
The bowl is built of briar while the removable stem is made of beech wood. The amber coloration and the walnut-brown carvings, moreover, give a noble appearance to the pipe that even during the journey for the liberation of the Lonely Mountain remains the favourite companion of the prince’s moments of reflection.

This pipe can be made on commission. A wooden stand to expose the pipe and a tamper will be included.
Price: 370€ + shipping