Materials Tuscanian briar, prunus, tagua nut, Elforyn

Project description

Freehand natural churchwarden.

This pipe could be made on commission, but a possible replica could have significant differences

Bowl made of Tuscanian briar, comes from a straight-grain piece of superior quality; as in all freehand pipes, it was the grain pattern that suggested its shape during the construction. On the back of the bowl, part of the natural crust of the plateau has been left.
The long stem is made of precious prunus wood, at the end of which there is an Elforyn mouthpiece, a foodgrade durable material, the absolutly most faithful imitation of ivory. Between the stem and the bowl there is a ring made of “vegetable ivory” (tagua nut). Black mother-of-pearl from Thaiti guide the correct alignment of stem and bowl.

No stain has been used, to better appreciate the natural beauty of the materials used.

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