Project description

In a box with a knot there’s a pipe with a knot.
But is it a pipe or is it not?

A knotted tobacco pipe, hand-carved.

This surreal knotted tobacco pipe has a briar bowl (in particular, a very clean piece of tuscanian briar) and an hand cut acrylic stem. The finish is carnauba wax.
It comes with a handmade box, made of fir and durmast oak, and felt inside. Since I couldn’t find a nice closure, I’ve made myself a hook with a brass plate.
This pipe has my logo stamp and the crown, that is an additional stamp that I use on m special or finest models.

Before carving this pipe, on which I wanted to create a realistic knot, I’ve made some sketches of course, and I’ve also made a preliminary study in clay; in this way I could have a really good model.

Of course this smoking pipe is functional and you can smoke it with no problems. If you were wondering, the draft hole is straight, so a pipe cleaner will run through it with no problems!


Lenght: 16cm
Tobacco chamber diameter: 1,8 cm
Tobacco chamber depth: 4 cm


You can purchase this pipe here, in my shop section.


Watch other videos of my pipes on my youtube channel.