Project description

Frog tobacco pipe

This frog carved tobacco pipe has been a very funny work! I made this one for the first time for an article that has been published on an italian magazine concerning wood (LegnoLab), with all the steps of its creation. It will be published soon on an english magazine, too.
The idea of the tamper-tongue came towards the end of the work. I thought it would complete the pipe in a funny way! The frog/bowl is made of briar, the stem is made of methacrylate or in SEM cumberland (limited edition color) hand shaped, and the tongue/tamper with the fly is carved on a single piece of curly maple. Metal plate on the base of the tamper.

Case is handmade, with sliding lid, with pyrography or engraving of a realistic frog. Magnetic closure. Fine danish oil finish.


Dimensions and specifications:
-Lenght: 14,5 cm
-Chamber: diameter 2 cm, deep 4 cm
-Finish: frog green, wax
-The stem, made of methacrylate or german cumberland is detachable for easy cleaning, the tenon is made of delrin.

This pipe can be made on commission.
Price: 800€

You will find a variation of this pipe on  that is one of my dealers.

You can watch the video of this pipe here.