Project description

Seabee pipe – We build, we fight! – commissioned Seabee pipe (reads “C B” in English, which stands for Constuction Battalions). It is the symbol of the “Sea Bees”, military engineers of the United States Navy. The pin-up lady is not part of the original emblem, but was requested by the customer (making it very […]

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Angry Boar pipe III


Bowl Briar Plateau (Calabira)

Stem Acrylic

Project description

Angry boar pipe III – stand-up version This is my third version of the Angry boar pipe. It is made of Calabrian briar plateau with an acrylic stem. Some parts, like the crest and the part between the legs, are sandblasted, to create a creative texture contrast on the the surface. The barktop of the […]

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