The Veiled Pipe – sculptural briar pipe with box and stand





“Is there a Pipe under the veil?”

This is one of the most complex pipes I have ever created, as well as one of the most emblematic. It has been exhibited in the Grassi Museum of Leipzig (Germany) in October 2021 (watch the short video below).

This surreal pipe has the bowl made of italian briar, and a handmade acrylic stem (dark grey).
It comes with a deluxe handmade box, made of black walnut, with brass details.

The wooden stand, which holds the pipe from the tip of the stem, is included, too. 

Unique special gift, for collectors of special items, art and pipe lovers.

Click here to read an article about the making of this pipe.

Total lenght: 17cm
Tobacco chamber diameter: 1,8 cm
Tobacco chamber depth: 4 cm
Tenon: teflon
Weight: 81 g
Finish: smooth, wax

Signed certificate and maintenance advice paper included.

The shipping is made with UPS express worldwide (please send me your phone number in a note).
Do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information or special requests




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