Gimli’s pipe – olive wood





Gimli’s pipe – olive wood

This version of Gimli’s pipe is made of beautiful apulian olive wood (bowl and stem); the two pieces of wood have been personally selected and cut by me for the beauty of the veins, and air-dried for several years. This pipe is designed to highlight the olive wood in its naturalness, with its enveloping veins.
The bowl completely fills the hand, in a comfortable grip.

Bowl: olive wood (Apulia, Italy)
Stem: olive wood (Apulia, Italy),  detachable
Mouthpiece tip: methacrylate
Tenon: delrin
Total lenght: 22 cm
Tobacco chamber diameter: 1,9 cm
Tobacco chamber depth: 3,5 cm
Finish: natural (carnauba wax)

Soft bag included

Shipped with UPS express (please include a phone number, it is needed for the shipping)


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