Eskimate (eskimo + skate)





Eskimate (eskimo + skate) – sandblasted eskimo pipe with real skateboard piece.

The idea of combining the “eskimo shape” with a piece of a broken skateboard (those beautiful layers of colored maple that Iìve inserted between the shank and the stem) comes from the flattened, modern and dynamic shape of this pipe, which in my opinion recalls that of a skateboard. In addition, this pipe is very light, ideal for a pipe-smoker skater!
A complex geometry for a small, challenging pipe, with a sandblasted briar bowl and an Elforyn (the best ivory imitation) stem.

Bowl: briar sandblasted
Stem: Elforyn (synthetic ivory)
Tenon: delrin
Finish: oil and wax
Weight: 40 g
Total lenght: 12,5 cm
Chamber diameter: 2,2 cm
Chamber depth: 2,5 cm

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