Dublin churchwarden – chiseled black





Built in briar and walnut wood, this churchwarden pipe has a particular hand-chiseled texture, pleasant to the touch. A long work hand-executed with gouges.
The tip is made of grey methacrylate.
The pipe is enriched by inlaid mother of pearl dots that indicate the correct alignment of the stem.

The pipe has a stamp of the artisan’s logo on the back of the bowl. A certificate printed on high quality 260gr/m² paper, personally signed by the artisan, comes along with the pipe, to certify the authenticity and uniqueness of the piece.

Dimensions and specifications:
Lenght: 30 cm
Chamber: diameter 2 cm, deep 4 cm
Finish: black – shellac wax
The stem is detachable for easy cleaning, the tenon is made of delrin.

Soft fabric bag included.


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