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Aragorn’s pipe – fossil edition





The “Aragorn fossil edition” is the most rare edition of the Aragorn Pipe, a churchwarden entirely made of bog oak.

The ancient wood out of which the bowl and the stem are made dates back to trees lived thousands of years ago.
The growth rings are visible on the bowl, telling the story of the tree, which has been buried in the subsoil for hundreds of years. Its spirit revives today within this precious object.

On the back of the pipe are two mother-of-pearl dots (black Tahiti pearl), which embellish the pipe and guide the correct alignment of the stem. The decorative button is made of precious silver (handmade).

A walnut stand, totally handmade with a minimal look, included, along with a soft fabric bag (see photos).

Bowl: bog oak
Stem: bog oak
Tenon: delrin
Finish: oil
Weight: 54 g
Total lenght: 25 cm
Chamber diameter: 1,9 cm
Chamber depth: 4 cm


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