Five years of pipemaking

Welcome to my blog! After about five years in the world of pipemaking, I’ve decided to renew my website adding this section to it, in order to tell you about my work and my passion.

What happened in these five years?


I built my first actually working pipe in October 2012, and it was a little pipe made out of beech and olive burr, with plenty of imperfections.

First functional pipe
My first functional pipe

Since I’ve begun making my first churchwarden pipes inspired to Middle Earth’s world, I started receiving several commission orders, so I’ve made my best, studying and experimenting, in order to create longer pipes, refinished and fully efficient.


At the earliest times it happened I had to throw away many pieces of briar and olive I had drilled in the wrong way, and moments of frustration occurred.

But errors must lead to improvement!

Later I’ve started experimenting my first carved pipes; one of these was inspired by a drawing by John Howe, for a discarded concept for “The Hobbit” movies. I published the picture of the pipe I had realized on Weta Workshop page and the admin showed it to John, who commentend this way:


John Howe's comment on pipe

John howe comment on pipe

Great satisfaction!


Going forward, I experimented with new shapes (see “pixie” pipe, “floating pipe”, “root pipe”) and customers started making requests for very peculiar pipes (dragons, boars), which I accepted, taking them as challenges. 

pixie pipe
“Pixie” pipe
Root pipe olive wood
“Root” pipe



Dragon pipes
Dragon pipes




I’ve tried new materials, and fascinating woods: traditional briar (Erica arborea), wonderful Apulian olive wood, and lately I’m  dealing with “morta”, a semi-fossil wood deriving from oak trees that lived more than 2800 years ago.


Woods for pipes
From top: morta, olive wood, briar.

 I’ve made special editions with esthetically stunning pairings of woods, such as churchwardens in flamed root and curly maple, with mother of pearl and abalone dots and cumberland stem-tips.


special edition pipes     Deluxe Dublin Churchwarden


Lately I’m also working on special editions of my churchwarden pipes, entirely made out of bog oak.

Against my expectations, my sales  have spread widely abroad, and I’ve shipped my works in countries I’d never have imagined to.



My search for quality and my being a perfectionist lead me to produce a maximum of 100 pipes a year, but I’m committing myself on the organizational level and I’m buying new tools in order to meet more requests (I’m already working on it).

Amongst my future projects there are the production of more carved pipes, and new designs; also, the use of valuable materials. I’m thinking about a YouTube channel where to put videos in order to show some steps of my work.

My passion is fed by all of you who follow my page, all those people who support me, those who leave comments on my works, and by all the customers that never miss to leave their excellent feedback. I thank you all.

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