09 – long-cutty-pipe-bog-oak

Cutty fossil edition. A rarity with an ancient charm. Its shape is inspired by the ancient clay pipes of the 16th and 17th centuries. I thought that the best way to pay homage to this ancient shape was to create an ultra-fine edition, using an ancient wood, in fact the stove and the long shank are made of bog oak, semi-fossil wood, coming from tree trunks that lived thousands of years ago. The pipe has a total length of 35.5 cm, the torch required a difficult search for a long piece and the same shade of dark gray as the stove, to create a perfect match. Drilling such a long piece is difficult and requires extreme precision. between the stove and the mouthpiece there is a horn insert, and the mortise is in briar, to ensure a better fit of the mouthpiece in the pipe. Two abalone inlaid rods guide the correct alignment of torch and burner. The pipe is kept in balance by resting on its "spur", a feature that highlights the symmetry and precision in the processing of this product.

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