This is Knot a Pipe

This is Knot a pipe. knotted smoking pipe

Arcangelo Ambrosi, pipe sculptor

Puglia, Southern Italy


In this land of history and inspiration, I work as professional pipemaker and wood carver. Devoting my entire life to wood art, I study and rework the Smoking Pipe to give it a new artistic identity.


My mission is to offer unconventional smoking pipes that you probably won’t find elsewhere. Meticulously hand carved, my designs range from the bizarre to the surreal, from the animal to modern world.


I rediscover and rework forgotten churchwarden from the past or I take inspiration from smoking pipes from movies, books and history.


Each pipe is hand made individually, one at a time, to ensure a high level of care, attention to detail and finish. Some models exceed 100 hours of work. This results in a very limited annual production of works (less than 60 pieces).


Smoking Pipes conceived in this way deserve the finest woods and materials, which I personally select. Briar (Erica arborea) from the best Italian sawmills, the fascinating Morta (bog oak wood), and Apulian olive wood that I personally cut from pruning waste.


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